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I am a work idaily faith devotionaln progress.  Life is messy sometimes, but showing the mess to the world…difficult.  I have been trying to let the real me show, uncomfortable warts and all. For example, I often feel like I’m alone in a room full of people.  The problem is, I don’t mind being alone.  I’m working on that.  A daily struggle. I am a wife to a warm, funny, loving man, who I often underappreciate.  I’m working on that.  A daily mindset. I am a mom to two beautiful, silly, talented teenage girls, who I pray I am being the best mom I can be.  I’m working on that. A daily worry.  I am a part-time pharmacist, who is falling out of love with her career.  I know I am to work hard and with joy at anything I do, but I dream of a career in writing where I think I will find new joy. I’m working on that.  A daily hope.  I am striving to think less of me and more of others…to smile more and worry less…to be thankful always…to notice miracles daily…to see the lesson in my struggles…to be still sometimes…to listen more…*to trust in the Lord with all my heart and not depend on my own understanding; to seek His will in all I do, waiting for Him to show me the path I should take.  I am working on that, with His help.  A daily faith.

Much love, Meg


(*adapted from proverbs 3:5-6) 


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