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Category: a daily Word

Thoughts on life and living.

Thank You

Thank you Jesus…

for worn pants

and warm coats.


for ease of food

and eaves of comfort.


for adversity triumph

and adversary’s challenge.

(both make us stronger)


for breath and breadth of life.

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Service Protest: How Helping Others Helps Us

There are people in our country grieving right now.

That is reality.  Protesters have moved quickly from denial to anger in their attempts to process the election.  I have known that feeling.  It is not a pleasant place to be.

In their grief, people want to do something.  Peaceful protests may cause the individual to feel better, but do they really correct the problem?  Our energies are better spent on people than on protests.  We grow as individuals when we interact with people who share different views, different experiences.  If everyone around us is always affirming us, will there ever be discussion that leads to compromise, that leads to a way forward?


Corralling Fear: A Battle with Myself

As I sit here to write this a voice in my head screams, ‘You can’t do it!’

This voice of fear speaks to me often; sometimes softly, sometimes not.  Fear can be a great motivator, but I am finding it lately a huge weight of indecision and inadequacy.  Weighing me down to where I feel immobilized.  That voice asks mostly unanswerable questions, like ‘Will writing this (insult, bore, anger) someone?’ or ‘Will they like me?’ 


Foggy Clarity: Keeping Straight Paths Through Uncertainty

Ever get the feeling you don’t know where you are going?

I was driving home from dropping my daughter off at school on a very foggy morning. Suddenly, I realized that couldn’t tell where I was.  My surroundings were completely veiled in fog. It was unsettling. I couldn’t see 50 feet ahead of me, but I could see 10 (and the next 10 and the next). I knew that if I followed the dotted white line, it would eventually lead me home.